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  1. Monsters vs Aliens

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    October 14, 2013 by jeliwobble

    This meme has annoyed me this week. There is a tendency in certain sections of Western society to demonise migrants, …
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  2. Is it Really a Surprise?


    October 9, 2013 by jeliwobble

    As the man has been deliberating on his job decision, one of the things we have been looking at closely …
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  3. Sheer Weight of Expectation.


    September 27, 2013 by jeliwobble

    Day 99 in the Big Brother House of Unemployment. The three older children are at school. The baby is asleep. …
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  4. Jobless.


    September 4, 2013 by jeliwobble

    Thrifty, I’m just not. I am surrounded by baby clothes that I need to sell, yarn I need to knit, …
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