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December 29, 2014 by jeliwobble

I am increasingly getting annoyed by this term.

It usually gets used as a verbal weapon by people who have a minority view or belief and who are trying, often ignominiously, to espouse it to all and sundry. If someone should offer some reasoned or intelligent riposte to said minority viewpoint, for which the originator has no comeback, they rather weakly say something like ‘I can’t talk to someone who is obviously a shill’ and then righteously cry ‘Come on sheeple! Wake up and smell the coffee!’.

I don’t particularly like it when the majority view holders use it ironically either.

Two things spring to mind, when I see it written down. Firstly, anything intelligent that you had to say about your viewpoint prior to you dismissing another viewpoint out of hand has been negated by your inability to argue your viewpoint effectively. Secondly, if you need to resort to derogatory terms every time someone else believes something that you don’t, and argues effectively for that viewpoint, then you shouldn’t be putting *your* viewpoint on a public forum.

A majority viewpoint doesn’t make a person an ignorant sheep, especially if they have engaged you in reasoned and intelligent debate. It’s more likely to mean that your minority viewpoint has significant flaws that they have uncovered, which is why they believe the majority viewpoint. Be reasoned and intelligent back, and don’t resort to name calling. It doesn’t discredit your opponent, it simply makes you look foolish.


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