The Power of Words.

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September 8, 2014 by jeliwobble

Smallest’s language acquisition is continuing a-pace. She has finally mastered more than two syllable words. Well, other than even *trying* to use Eldest’s and Son’s names. No, they will forever be ‘Sister’ and ‘Brudder’. She only uses Middlie’s name because it contracts easily into a two-syllable word!

Words fly out of her at an astonishing rate. She is a master of jargon, that conversational cadence made up entirely of nonsense words scattered with a few actual words and normal syllable sounds that many toddlers progress through on their way to true conversation. It is immensely interesting to hear her and encourage her at this stage, talking back to her when she asks a cadence question, or a simple ‘Uh huh’ when the cadence says that she’s relaying a story to prompt more, or repeating a request back to her if the sense isn’t quite there, so she repeats the corrected word or phrase. Even having been at home with both Middlie and Son, I didn’t take so much interest in this stage previously. It seems to have passed me by, though I remember being surprised with some of the things that Son came out with as his speech in middle toddlerhood was far superior to Middlie’s, just as Smallest’s seems superior to his.

She has also learned, far more quickly than her siblings it seems, that using her words has great power. If she clearly asks for something, then the mother-bot usually responds quite quickly. She asks for, and gets, just the thing she wanted. Just recently, though, mother-bot has been using a rather powerful little word that means that Miss Smallest does not immediately get what she wants. It’s a curious little word. It’s a single syllable and it has the power to stop things from happening in the way that they are supposed to.


See. Simple, yet powerful. It’s a good word to know. It’s a better word to know how to wield accurately.

Last night, before bath, someone discovered that using the word has consequences. Someone discovered that, on saying it, people stop what they are doing and do something else. And, actually, it doesn’t matter how much you want a bath, if you say ‘No’ to having your nappy/diaper removed before getting in said bath, you don’t actually *get* said bath. You can stand by the bath all you like. You can cry all you like. You can stamp your little foot all you like. No amount of wailing ‘Baaaaaaaaaath!’ will help you. If the mother-bot asks if she can get you undressed and you say ‘No’ again, bath will still not happen.

I foresee Interesting Times ahead.


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