In Search of the White Rabbit.

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February 14, 2014 by jeliwobble

Miss Youngest has a small white rabbit as her lovey, given to her by her Nanny when she was born. It disappeared entirely from the house in the space of five minutes on Tuesday.

Her father and I had the entire house apart. We searched rubbish bins, we searched toy bins, we searched under sofas, we searched on top of places she couldn’t reach, we searched the washing baskets clean and dirty, we searched the playroom just in case a sibling had whisked it away, there was even talk of an arm down the toilet, though we decided that it wouldn’t be flushing if it was down there. A very sad night was spent dealing with not having our preferred ‘bubby’.

Mummy took her out to buy a new one on Wednesday afternoon, after another fruitless morning search, where the underneaths of beds, which had bunnies of their own, were also swept if not clean then certainly tidy, and the very back of the bathroom vanity was cleared out. Luckily, the bunny is by a brand that is sold in the US, as well as the UK, and our local toy store stocks them, thank goodness. However, the exact bunny wasn’t available, though there was one quite close. As soon as she saw it she said ‘Bubby! Ahhhhh!’ and buried her face in the soft fur. And home with us it came.

Two fine days were spent with new bubby, solving all grumpiness and upset by providing warm snuggles and soft under-noseness. Then, horror of horrors, on Friday afternoon, just before nap-time, new bubby went missing…

There was the horrible sinking feeling that the new rabbit was gone into the same place at the old one and, as that one hadn’t been found, this one wouldn’t be either.

Everyone was interviewed as to the possible whereabouts of the new bubby. No one had seen it. On straightening the chairs to look under the table, I noticed that the bottom drawer of the tall IKEA Trofast unit in the corner had been pulled out. It was somewhere I had checked on at least four or five occasions during the previous bubby search but it was never *in* the drawer. I went to push it back in and thought ‘Hang on a tick’ and pulled it out.

There, all cuddled up together, were both bubbys.

I could have sworn I had checked. Him Indoors could have sworn *he* checked. Fairly obviously neither of us had.

Alls well that ends well, and all that, but good luck trying to take either bubby off Miss Youngest right now!


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