A New Chapter.


November 4, 2013 by jeliwobble

Yesterday, I sold the bassinet.

I feel that this is significant. When Son had finished using it, I carefully packed it up and put it in the loft. I didn’t feel that I was really done having babies at that point in time and, being the pack rat that I am, I put everything in the loft, to hold onto it for ‘next time’. I had done this twice previously. Smallest is almost exclusively wearing hand-me-downs from her sisters (and some from lovely friends too). As she has been growing out of things, I have been putting them in black plastic bags, as usual. The issue is that, instead of putting them in the loft, carefully labelled, for the next time, they’re hanging around in my bedroom, where I keep looking at them and failing to photograph them to list them on selling pages.

I also gave the lady, who came to buy the bassinet, the exersaucer that Smallest is no longer interested in using, since she started cruising two weeks ago. We bought it for Son off eBay for $25, so it has had its full, happy use for us. I hope their new small person enjoys it as much as mine did.

On Saturday, I handed over every single hoarded gender neutral 0-3 and 3-6 month item in my collection, to my friends who were taking them to a family that recently lost everything in a house fire and who are also due a baby shortly. They took my Bumbo with them as well.

I feel odd.

No, I really do.

I’m going to turn 42 in twenty four days time. This also feels significant.

I have finally admitted to myself that my baby-making days are over. My youth seems to be putting on its hat and coat and stepping out. It maybe some time.


2 thoughts on “A New Chapter.

  1. Katy Regnery says:

    A part of my life – of my whole life, that I had no idea was waiting in the wings – began last year when I turned 40. It had been waiting for me to finish the babymaking and the toddlertending years. It had been ruminating and marinading and waiting until I was ready. And then one day? I was. And my life has changed so much for the better. You have no idea what’s around the corner, Jo. But I’m pretty sure it’s something good. And if you don’t make space, you’ll never find out. xoxo

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