Photographic Memory.

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October 16, 2013 by jeliwobble

We haven’t done the ‘family photo’ thing in an awfully long time. In fact, I think we last did it when Son was very small, so about 6 years ago then. So when my wonderful friend, Shannon, approached me to inquire as to whether I would be interested in her taking a set of photos of us as part of her setting up her new photography business, I thought, ‘Abso-blooming-lutely!’.

It was a totally beautiful morning here in the North East and the blue sky was offsetting the fabulous autumn colours:


The girls was mostly well behaved, even the smallest one. The common denominator in what little there was of their ill behaviour was, unfortunately, Son. He’s like a super catalyst for rotten choices on all fronts. Eldest felt the need to repeatedly shove her hand over his mouth and squeeze, Middlie would *not* stand nicely next to him, and he himself just acted up all the way round. There was some lovely countryside to take in too. Usually, he’s quite good on walks and stuff, but because we were there for photos, there was too little walking and too much standing around ‘smiling’ for the camera.

Luckily, Shannon assures me that there were some good shots that she can use and the ‘taster’ reel that she’s done for us is lovely.

In the afternoon, he was much happier when we took him for a ‘proper’ walk out in the fields at Ellsworth Farm in Sharon to pick our apples and pumpkins. Such a wonderful day, really, I couldn’t let it be spoiled by my puppy-like child 🙂




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