Red Bus, Blue Bus…


October 7, 2013 by jeliwobble

Excuse me while I mix my metaphors a little.

You wait and wait and wait for a bus to come along and, just as you are thinking about walking back home, two come along at once.

And it’s not an easy decision. One bus is blue, will follow a tried and tested route, and you can stay on it as long as you like to get to your destination (though, technically, you can be turfed off it at any point then have to walk to the nearest stop and wait for the next bus). This bus has long travel days though, benefits may or may not be equal to what you’re used to, and while funds are more than previous, they will not increase for some time.

The other bus is red and will take you on a scenic route you’ve never been on before, travelling to interesting stops, but you will definitely have to get off at each stop and then wait for the next bus. The travel days will be much shorter but the benefits available on this bus are minimal, though funds available are commensurately greater. You had thought about taking this particular bus but had not intended to for a few more years yet.

Frustratingly enough, there are two more buses in the middle distance, both with ‘Grass is Greener Depot’ on their destination sign. You have two buses in front of you that are going to leave without you if you don’t get on one of them right *now* and there’s no guarantee that either of the middle distance buses will stop at your stop anyway.

Which bus would YOU get on?


One thought on “Red Bus, Blue Bus…

  1. Kristen Gill says:

    I, for one, took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference….but, yes it was most definitely the fewer benefits, better life balance, slightly more worrisome route.

    Good luck, Sean!!

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