Your Mileage May Vary.

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September 25, 2013 by jeliwobble

One of the things that you’re encouraged to do when you open your WordPress account and start blogging, is to visit other people’s blogs. The best way, they say, to get traffic to your blog, is be traffic to other people’s blogs. So, off I trundled to visit with other people’s lives.

The main thing I’ve discovered on my excursions de Blog is that most people seem to believe that they have the Answer. No matter what it is, be it politics or religion or parenting or even baking cupcakes, bloggers like to think that their way is the best.

It’s something I’ve also noticed in life. People don’t often give their opinion on how something might be done, then offer an alternative to try, should their first idea fail the consumer.

Why must everything be an unarguable point of fact? For example, in those early weeks:

Breastfeeding is best for baby. If it hurts you’re doing it wrong. Expect it to hurt for the first three weeks, that’s normal. It should never hurt. Stimulate baby but not too much. Give her lots of different toys for variety. Don’t give her too many toys or she’ll expect too much. Let her cry. Never leave a baby to cry – she’ll feel abandoned. Let her cry for 5 minutes. Try and work out what her different cries mean. Leave her to cry for a bit so she self settles. Comfort her immediately. Don’t comfort her immediately, your baby is manipulating you. Dummies are the devils work. Dummies are great for settling at night. Dummies help prevent cot death. Don’t let her depend on this method or you’ll be forever running in to put the dummy back in. Dummies are trying to be nipples, give baby your boob that’s what it’s there for. Don’t let her become dependent on you for comfort. Never compare your baby. Make sure your baby is hitting all the expected targets for her age. Babies develop at their own pace. Check your baby against these graphs to make sure she’s normal. No baby is the same. Never share a bed with a baby, they will die. Do not breastfeed in bed in case you fall asleep while she’s sleeping and suffocate her. Sleep when baby sleeps. Don’t let her sleep on your lap on the sofa in case she becomes wedged and dies. Get as much rest as you can. Do not wean before 6 months as you’ll fuck your baby up for life. Wean when baby shows you she’s ready sometimes as early as 17 weeks. If she can sit up unaided she’s ready for purees. Just because she can sit up doesn’t mean she’s ready for anything but milk. Establish a routine. Don’t clock-watch. Let your baby lead you in her needs. Start routines early to teach baby. Never wake a sleeping baby. If she’s slept for too long wake her up or she won’t sleep at night. It’s OK to leave baby crying in a safe place to run to the loo or shower. Wait until your other half gets home before you shower so you’re not leaving the baby. Don’t listen to advice. Trust your instinct. Relax. Enjoy it. If you’re not relaxing and enjoying it you’re probably depressed. Happy mum = happy baby. Put baby first. Please yourself often.

Confused? Each nugget of received wisdom displayed there is *true*…for a given value of experience divided by time multiplied by number of children.

And that, friends who blog, is the point. One’s experience of life is so varied, differs so much culturally from region to region, let alone country to country, that no one, not ONE person, has all the answers. Not even me 😉

Bloggers of the world, your ideas have the potential to add huge value to the world but do remember to give alternatives and don’t forget to always add the disclaimer: Your Mileage May Vary.

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