Challenge Everything?


September 13, 2013 by jeliwobble

I have been spending time talking about vaccination again. Here’s where I stand.

No research, publicly funded or otherwise, has determined that vaccinations cause autism. How many antivaccination proponents read Pubmed and can give you chapter and verse on this? None I’ve seen. Why? Because all research is funded by those who want to ‘pump your children full of chemicals so their research is already biased and therefore flawed’. Therefore, they will not bother reading them. Either that, or they can’t read them. In which case, it’s not hard to teach yourself. Instead, they rely on conspiracy theory websites, which I will not link to here as I don’t want to increase their traffic, and point to that as ‘evidence’. The plural of anecdote is not ‘data’. Neither does correlation equal causation.

I do not care about your deep distrust of capitalism and government. I DO care that your constant harping on the same subject has meant that the research into the causes of autism is about 20 years behind because of your clinging onto falsehoods. We desperately need to stop funding vaccination autism research, because we’ve already proved* vaccinations do NOT cause autism. We absolutely NEED to start researching exactly what it is in our environment that is ACTUALLY causing it.

Government and lawyers are frightened by lawsuits, particularly when it comes to public health, given the tobacco fiasco of the late 80s/early 90s, Vioxx, Phenfen etc. If you think you have any kind of public health case against Big Pharma or the government, you are probably going to win or, at the very least, be paid off handsomely before your case comes to court. How many of these have there been *worldwide* on the subject of vaccinations? Plenty. So, when an antivaxer stands there and tells me that there are ‘millions’ of vaccine damaged kids who are not being heard, I really can’t agree.

How many children die *every* year of preventable childhood diseases? Too many. So, when an antivaxer states that the only reason Western parents ‘fill their children full of toxins’ is so that they don’t have to take time off work and can pass up on itchy skin, I want to *shake* them very hard. Even with better sanitation, nutrition and healthcare, kids STILL die. Not every child has a healthy immune system that can shake off the worst excesses of childhood diseases. If your child has already been laid low with pertussis and gets ‘flu on top of it, chances are they probably won’t recover. We forget all this in our cosseted, pink cotton candy modern Western society, because death from preventable childhood disease hasn’t been a part of our experience for decades. Why? Because of vaccinations. But, don’t let that concern you. The fact that your parents had (much worse than today’s) toxins injected into them to prevent them getting measles didn’t change them fundamentally, except to make sure they didn’t die so they could go on to have you, isn’t in your sights. No, it’s all about the conspiracy to make money, isn’t it?

Except, when it isn’t. Big Pharma make hundreds of millions of dollars on the medications needed to fight obesity in the West. The amount of money made on vaccinations is minuscule by comparison (According to GSK’s shareholder info, their total 2012 sales of vaccines was half what they made on respiratory drugs alone and matched that made on cardiovascular drugs). Big Pharma have more invested in keeping the West fat than they do in preventing childhood disease. I suppose, cynically, you could say that Big Pharma want as many people to survive childhood as they can so they can fatten them up and sell them medications for Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and preventable obesity driven asthma and cancers for 40-60 years. Much more profit in that.

The evil Big Pharma are, apparently, also using aborted fetuses to make their wicked vaccines as well as putting mercury in them to turn us all into brain damaged drones. Seriously? Cell lines are not ‘aborted fetuses’ and, if you want to worry about the infinitesimal amount of mercury that is no longer put into vaccinations for kids, don’t touch another tuna fish sandwich. I can’t actually take any of their unsubstantiated clap trap seriously any more.

As for the wombats who try to say that Herd Immunity theory doesn’t exist, well, that might be the case. It is a theory and, as such, needs to stand up to scientific scrutiny like any other theory, say Evolutionary theory or Gravitational theory, for example. You see, with science, because we cannot point to an actual physical particle that is Evolution, or Gravity, or the Herd, we can’t state categorically that these things exist. Neither do scientists sit on their laurels and say ‘Oh, we have this theory and it kind of fits what we see, so we’ll stop testing it now’. No, scientists are buggers like that and keep pushing and testing and refining and informing, even when it looks like all the answers to be had have been found (To whit; does vaccination cause autism). But, the issue is not with the theory. Luckily, Evolution and Gravity and Herd Immunity carry on working, even though we puny humans don’t know why or how they do. Just because you don’t believe in Herd Immunity theory doesn’t mean it won’t protect you. Though, if you don’t get your child vaccinated, it definitely won’t.

There is a very good passage in the Bible which is impressed on me every time I get caught up in a vaccination debate. 1 Thessalonians 5 v 21: Test all things; hold fast to what is good. When you don’t do your research comprehensively, when you let the opinion of others dictate your own, without questioning and reading and making wholly sure you have the entire picture, then you cannot hold onto what is good because you haven’t tested all things.

And, until you have, I am not prepared to risk my children’s lives for your need to wear a foil helmet.

*not quite. Science doesn’t work like that. In the absence of positive data, we can only state that for the information we have, there appears to be no correlation with vaccination and autism. Given the now thousands of pieces of research into vaccination and autism, it’s as close to proof as we can currently get. Russell’s teapot comes into play here.


3 thoughts on “Challenge Everything?

  1. Hilary says:

    Three kids died recently in our village, probably from malaria. We should be thankful that *some* life-threatening diseases *are* preventable and make the most of it.

    • jeliwobble says:

      Oh, Hilary, I’m sorry, that’s awful. You’re so right. Malaria is one of those diseases that they’re working on for a vaccine but I think the vaccine they have at the moment only gives immunity to about 60% of the immunised, with side effects, so it’s not good enough to roll out for prevention.

  2. […] And that, friends who blog, is the point. One’s experience of life is so varied, differs so much culturally from region to region, let alone country to country, that no one, not ONE person, has all the answers. Not even me […]

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