September 4, 2013 by jeliwobble

Thrifty, I’m just not. I am surrounded by baby clothes that I need to sell, yarn I need to knit, cheap, wholesome foodstuffs I need to make.

Budgeting, I can’t do it. My children’s school lunch boxes are filled with over-priced snack foods, my cupboards filled with fancy and organic ingredients – some of which will never be used -, things keep arriving in the house that we ‘need in the next few weeks’ and ‘we can’t run out of that’.

And, yet, we haven’t been out of the house, other than to the supermarket or a friend’s house for a few hours, in two months. Even the park has been visited sparingly because I can’t really afford to fill the car and it’s not safely walk-able due to the inconsiderate lack of footpaths/sidewalks here in the part of semi-rural New England we live in.

My brain has shut down from the enormity of his being unemployed. Last time this happened to us as a family, I had a full time job (though I was pregnant at the time) and Him Indoors had a very nice redundancy/severance package that meant the reality of being out of work was off set. While that meant, in the UK, he couldn’t claim Job Seeker’s Allowance (Social Security) payments while that money was still in the bank, it was considerably more than we have right now and, with my wage coming in, everything was much rosier. He was out of work effectively for nine months but, in that time, he had a very lucrative two month contract with a big financial company. He also wrote up his thesis, for which he was awarded the MPhil that meant we were fast tracked for our green cards.

This time, I have no job, we have three more mouths to feed, he has over half less redundancy/severance money, he was helpfully made redundant/laid off at the beginning of the summer when no financial service businesses in the US are employing generally anyway, and we’re in the depths of the biggest recession this side of the Great Depression. Couple that with the fact that, because of his pay freeze in the last two years, we have very few savings and medical bills still to pay for Smallest daughter’s birth. Add the lovely cherry that Him Indoors should have had training over the last nine years that never materialised because he was always working too hard trying to make sure we never ended up in this position, so he can’t actually get jobs he’s able to do standing on his head because he isn’t ‘qualified’ to do them.

Frightening doesn’t cover it.


2 thoughts on “Jobless.

  1. Jess Bishop says:

    Oh Jeliwobble, this is just a horrible situation! Im so sorry you are having to go through this! It sucks!!!! Remember we are always thinking of you, missing you and praying for you! Love you Big Sis xx

    • Jean (Mum) Dodfd says:

      This is so upsetting wish o wish I could do something to make things better please let us know if we can help we are always here for you always love always Mum and Dadxxx

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