September 1, 2013 by jeliwobble

Just brought home some corn starch (cornflour) from the supermarket. As Him Indoors was putting it away, he noted that the package was very categoric about the fact that the contents were 100% Pure Corn Starch. Which got us wondering if it were possible to purchase 50% Pure Corn Starch? If not, why does one need to know that the contents of the package are 100% Pure? Does one assume that Corn Starch that is not labelled 100% Pure is, in fact, somehow less than 100% Pure? That it is 99% Pure with 1% Sweepings From The Factory Floor? If one reads the ingredients label of a package that is not labelled 100% Pure, there will be some ‘other’ ingredients in the list?

This all led to Him Indoors making the assertion that they might as well put ‘Now Completely Asbestos Free!’ on the package.


3 thoughts on “Mis-labelled?

  1. TheLlama says:

    That reminds me of the GMO-free rock salt I’ve seen.

    Yup. The salt has not been genetically modified…phew!


  2. discoviking says:

    Akin to peanut packaging that cautions ‘may contain nuts’…

  3. petra says:

    I remember a water cooler which had on the side the promise ‘we’re 100% sure it’s 99.9% pure’ which made me quite worried because domestic sewage can also claim to be 99.9% pure water!

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